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Additive Master Batches

Additive Masterbatches are the chemicals which are added to the polymer matrix to achieve the extra desired properties. They give internal beauty and strength to the polymers. Plastic Masterbatches are in fact, oxygen for the plastics in todayâs world where there is a critical demand for plastic products. Understanding this need, we offer a range of Additive Master Batches including UV additive, which is appreciated for its quality all over the world.

Some Of The Additive Master Batches Offered By Us Are
  • UV Additives (for extended exposure life )
  • Optical brighteners (for extra brightness)
  • Slip Additives and Antiblock ( for easy opening of films)
  • Nucleating Additives (for extra clarity)
  • Lubricants and Antioxidants (for resistance from oxidation of polymer during processing)
  • Anti-static agent
  • Anti blocking agent
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti migratory agent
  • Climatizer agent
  • Flame retardant agent
  • Heat stabilizer
  • Nucleating agent