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Prayag Polytech P Ltd


Prayag Polytech Pvt LTD is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Master Batches and Mono-Pigment Concentrates. Our wide range of products includes White, Black, Multi-color & Additive master batches, Mono-Pigments and Color Concentrates. As a Concentrate Manufacturer, we use the latest and the best technology for manufacturing our products, so as to never compromise on the quality. We also offer customized formulations as per customers requirement.

We use state-of-the-art machinery imported from different parts of the world. Production is commenced in accordance with the international standards and is kept flexible to make the products for specific applications. The best quality raw materials are used in the production of Biodegradable Masterbatch. In-house testing is done before the products are dispatched to the market, to ensure optimum level for the various properties like high level of opacity, light fastness, 100% dispersion and quick color matching etc. Moreover, all the products are properly packaged before delivery for safe transportation.

Plastic Masterbatches

We are the foremost Manufacturer and Exporter of a range of Plastic Masterbatches including Black Masterbatches, White Masterbatches, etc. We are rated among the distinguished White Masterbatches Exporters. Our Plastic Master Batches are of the highest quality as the best quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. High standards are maintained during the production, so that the Plastic Master Batches enhance the appearance and quality of any end-product. These Plastic Master Batches are available in different colors and have excellent properties. Our master batches are marketed under the following brand names.
  • PRACOL: White, Black and Multi-color
  • PRADIT: Additive

Range :
  • White Master Batches
  • Black Master Batches
  • Multicolor Master Batches
  • Additive Master Batches

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  • Plastic White  Masterbatches

    Material : Plastic

    Application : Indusrtial Use

    Color : White

    Condition : New

    Packaging Type : Packet, Plastic Bag, Poly Bag

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    White Masterbatches

  • Plastic Black  Masterbatches

    Color : Black

    Purity : 99%

    Density : 1.35 Gm/cm3

    Carbon Content : 39%

    Heat Stabilitty : 300 Deg C

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    Black Masterbatches

  • Custom Color Masterbatches

    Material : Plastic

    Application : Indusrtial Use

    Condition : New

    Packaging size : 1.5kg, 1kg, 2.5kg, 2kg, 3.5kg, 3kg

    Packaghing Type : Packet, Plastic Bag, Poly Bag

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    Color Masterbatches

  • Additive Plastic Masterbatch

    Material : Plastic

    Form : Granules

    Size : 2 to 5 mm

    Melting Point : 130-160 Degree C

    Available Color : White

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    Additive Masterbatches

Other Products

  • Mono Pigment Concentrates

    Tinting strength : 97.0 to 103 %

    Purity : 100%

    Color : Multicolor

    Usage : Polyolefin Engineering polymers PE, PP and GPPS products HIPS, PET, PC, PC and ABS

    Form : Pallets

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    Pigment Concentrates